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Our high standard language courses are designed to enhance your fluency and confidence to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations.


We provide tuition on your premises or at your home in London, on one-to-one basis or in small or larger groups Spanish, French, German, Italian, as well as in Arabic, Mandarin,Russian, Polish (other languages on request) and English as a Foreign Language.


Private language tuition and Corporate Language Training

One-to-one lessons

Small groups (3-6 students)

Large groups (6+)


We offer:


free Language Assessment to determine your current level, your previous learning experience and professional requirements.


Progress Report which assists the student and the company to monitor their progress.


free Language Level Test


free course materials in form of photocopies and assistance by buying course books if needed


language lessons with carefully selected language trainers to match your personality, learning preferences and specific requirements


preparation for language exams such as OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examination) or D.E.L.F,


free Attendance Certificate after the course if required


wide variety of language training options to suit your availability and tuition needs


tailor-made flexible courses at a time that suits you


native, fully qualified or/and very experienced language tutors with teaching certificates, university degrees or many years of experience in teaching general and business language



Private language tuition and Corporate Language Training


According to CILT the National Centre for Languages in a survey of nearly 2000 export small and medium businesses in the 27 states of the EU, the need for people with language skills will increase in the future.

Individual respondents pointed out that although English might be used for initial market entry, longer term business partnerships depend upon relationship building and intercultural skills of the participants.

If you or your company are considering language training for yourself, an employee or a number of employees, we will design the most appropriate and cost-effective training programme. Our highly experienced and successful Language Tutors can help you prepare for work situations in the target language, for example business meetings, presentations, negotiations, reports, or for academic qualifications as part of your career development.



One-to-one lessons


Whether you're looking to learn a language for personal or business reasons, our tailor- made courses can help you achieve your aims.

Private Tuition gives you the opportunity to meet your own needs and goals and have the teacher’s undivided attention. You may wish to study a specialist subject or perhaps you need to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary or grammar skills. You may simply want to have intensive speaking practice. Whatever you wish to study, you and your teacher will decide the exact content and style of the lesson.



Small groups (3-6 students)


Small group language training provides a flexible learning option too. Working with other individuals in a small group is an educational approach to learning that has many advantages over solitary and other methods of learning. Small group learning allows students to develop problem solving, interpersonal, presentational and communication skills. These are generic skills that are beneficial in any walk of life. These generic skills are difficult to develop in isolation and require feedback and interaction with other individuals.

Small group learning allows individuals to question and challenge assumptions and to develop a deeper understanding of a topic.



Large groups (6+)


One of the biggest advantages of working in a larger group is the benefit of other people ideas pooled together. Each member of the group has something unique that he/she can contribute. Through working in groups the participants are often able to learn more, and truly understand things better as it is easier to acquire skills more effectively when there is interaction involved. Many times group members motivate each other and push every member in the group to equally participate in the assigned task. Group work also forces people to communicate and that can help them build their skills if they are not natural communicators.

If you wish to be organised into groups, GLE will assess the participants start levels and will seek to advice on appropriate groupings as necessary.